Today’s Soup’s for November 11, 2020

Sandwich and Soup Day’s!

Each day we enjoy the rights and freedoms we assume were always ours to have. Today we honor those who have stood in defiance of those who wished to take those rights away. Do not forget, do not let today or any other day go by without a silent or vocal thank you to theses men and women.

Mediterranean Vegetable ~ V
Split Pea & Ham ~
Vegetable Beef ~ GF/DF
Asiago Cheese & Ham Bisque ~
Tomato Beef Tortellini ~
Wicked Thai Chicken ~
Lemon Grass & Green Curry Chicken ~
Chicken Tortilla ~
Creamy Golden Broccoli ~ GF
Tomato Basil ~ V
Mac & Cheese ~ V

Cheers to Michele who is the Queen of the sandwich deck forever at Guy’s!

(*Soup selection may change rapidly throughout the day.)