Daily Soup Specials – March 25, 2019

Daily Soup Specials

  • Sunshine at last! Come get your fix of goodies for the day: soup, sandwich and a sweet treat!
  • How long we are alive does not define our immortality! Our children and the stories the continue to tell after us defines the immortality we seek.

Soups of the Day

Creamy Golden Broccoli & Cheese ~ GF
Cream of Potato & Bacon ~
Beef Stew ~
Chili ~
Split Pea & Ham ~ GF
Asiago Cheese & Ham Bisque ~
Chicken Noodle ~
Chicken with White and Wild Rice ~ GF/DF
Moroccan 9 Vegetable ~ GF/DF/VV
Chicken Gumbo ~ GF/DF
Cream of Mushroom ~
Italian Wedding ~
Mac & Cheese ~ V

(*Soup selection may change rapidly throughout the day.)

GF (Gluten Free) • V (Vegetarian) • VV (Vegan)